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About Us

We are passionate about riding Harleys!!!

Allan (Coz), Ross (Rosco) and their wives Kerry and Wendy have a great deal of knowledge and experience to bring to you. All born and bred in New Zealand., they have travelled New Zealand Roads on their own Harley Davidson bikes many times.

They know all the good riding roads with all the beautiful native scenery and coastal roads that their country has to offer. Both Allan and Ross have been riding bikes for many years and want to share with you what they have to offer here in New Zealand. You couldn’t be in better hands.

With their wives, the four of them have travelled USA on Harleys a few times over the past 5 years. They have done this on guided tours, proving that a tour is a great way to travel as all your accommodation is booked ready for you at the end of a hard days riding. Great for the lady’s, as you can shop as much as you like as you always have the van to carry your luggage.

They have also travelled on Harleys through parts of Australia; and are also hosts for Airbnb in their own homes, which just shows you how much they love to be around people and in the tourism industry. Allan is a self-employed Truck driver in New Zealand while Ross has his own Business in the electrical trade. But their passion is their Harleys, so that’s why they are wanting to take you on tours. Their wives love to travel on the bikes so also have a lot of knowledge about New Zealand and the beautiful roads to ride.

Brought up in a small country town Otorohanga  New Zealand, that’s where Wendy Deere spent her first 18 years growing up on a farm. Completing her schooling and also gaining an apprenticeship in Hairdressing. Wendy then moved 20 ks south to Te Kuiti to be with her partner, now husband Ross Deere.

Wendy married at the age of 21 and completed her family of 3 children by the age of 30. She supported her husband in his electrical business while still managing to work part time hairdressing. Hairdressing was a passion and she loved her job until having to give up recently due to a back injury. Her older 2 children moved to Taupo where Wendy and her husband Ross followed a couple years later. The family enjoy living in Taupo as it has a good following for motor x which the family were very much involved in. She has a very close family she loves and is always there to help and support them in any way.

Wendy has a passion for traveling especially on the back of her husbands Harley Davidson bike. They have ridden many states of America several times, through parts of Australia and of course all-over New Zealand. She loves to meet new people and enjoys been a great host to many of her air bnb guests.

Ross Deere was born and bred in the small country town of Te Kuiti, New Zealand. Ross always had a big circle of friends as he is very much a people person, the type of guy that would take his shirt of his back for any one.  He grew up and did all of  his schooling there and then completed an apprentiship with the family business as an electrician. In later years Ross took over the family business which grew to a large company. Ross is a real social person that enjoys to stop and yarn over a cold beer to anyone. After a few years it was time for him and his wife Wendy to sell the electrical company and follow their children to Taupo to live. Very much a family man, who has also always enjoyed time out on their boat either at sea fishing or on the lake taking part in water sports.

Ross loved to race his dirt bike along with the children that also did. He achieved a few New Zealand placing in those years. Finally decided it was to hard on the body and made more time to ride the Harley Davidson now. He loves to ride when ever he gets a chance, has travelled many states through American, parts of Australia and all-over New Zealand. Ross and his wife Wendy love to travel meeting new people whenever an opportunity arises. Now settled in Taupo surrounded by family are looking forward to the new venture Born @ Ride.

Kerry Cossey was born in Te Awamutu, New Zealand, a small town in the centre of the North Island. There she spent all her childhood years living in the same house for 23 years. At the young age of 16 she meet Alan “COZ” who she ended up marring later in life. Kerry and COZ made the decision to move to Australia for a working holiday, they did this for about 3 years until returning to New Zealand.

On there return to New Zealand they purchased a lifestyle block up in the Papamoa Hills, Bay of Plenty. They had two beautiful children 1 boy and 1 girl the perfect family. Still living on the same property today they have had much enjoyment land scaping all the grounds with cacti, succulents and many more of Kerry’s favourite plants over the years. Kerry has followed in her grandmothers’ footsteps the love of cacti. She started her own nursery and landscaping business 17 years ago. Kerry has her nursery at their property these days which allows her to work in the nursery, host bnb guests and running the animals on the property. She also loves making arty things to sell at local markets.

The love of motorbikes started when the children were young, and they all enjoyed going tailriding through the beautiful farmlands and forestry blocks of New Zealand.

Today Kerry loves to travel with her husband either on the back of the Harley Davidson or in their motorhome. Kerry and her husband love to host tourists from all over the world and some from New Zealand in their cacti retreat Airbnb that they have at their property too. Kerry is a very happy go lucky sort of a person that loves to socialise with her friends and close neighbours.

Allan Cossey  (coz) born in Taranaki, New Zealand. Moved to Te Kuiti at the age of 3. After completing school coz then worked as a plasterer for a couple years. He then was given the opportunity to work for a house removal company, which he did for the next 5 years and really enjoyed it. It was about this time he met the love of his life Kerry, she was only 16 then and coz was 17. Coz has always been a hard worker and always believed that if you work hard you deserve to play hard. Always a very honest and reliable person that you could count on.

Wanting some adventure in his life Coz and Kerry decided to go on a working holiday to Australia, they travelled around and through the country for about 3 years. They loved meeting new people and just having fun. On their return to New Zealand Coz took up a job in the heavy transport industry, purchased a small farm, got married, bought his first road bike, and built a house all within 18 months. Coz and Kerry had 2 children who both ended up liking motorbikes at a young age, so the road bike was out, and trail bikes were in. As this was more a family orientated sport. Coz has had lots of experience with motorbikes over the years, on Harley Davidsons he has travelled thousands of Kms through New Zealand and around 22 States of America and a good part of Australia. So, on his new adventure Born 2 Ride he is very excited to meet new people and show them around his lovely country and enjoy the freedom of motor biking.